Untold History About The Five Dollar Indians – Culture Vultures That Inherited Billions Of Dollars & Million Acres Of Indian Land

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The actual Indians, or rather known as the American Aborigines, have since blamed the government for the mismanagement of a trust in their names, for well over 120 years, and now the US Goverment owes them tens of billions of dollars.

The dispute dates back to 1887, when Congress made the Interior Department the trustee for approximately 145 million acres of Indian lands in America.

Black Indians, or rather Aborigines of America, were supposed to benefit but the government gave the majority of the land, legal tenders, tax reliefs and other federal specialized benefits to white settlers; who paid-off the citizenship administrative organizations, in order to become members of what is known as the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory by Congress.

White settlers sought to reap the benefits of the Aborigines. In fact, one example of that would be the complexity of how successful…

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