New Study Proves Just Because Your Skin Is Colored, Does Not Mean That Your Ancestors Are From Africa

Im Just Here To Make You Think

Since the late 1630s, the people of color in America have been struggling with the actual account of theirtrue identities.

After being labeled a race of people under certain classifications based on skin hue, the complexity of learning their background, heritage and culture was relied upon the western European settlers that won the hundreds of war invasions that took place immediately in the year of 1492 and beyond.

The inability of governments of America and Europe to come to grips with their dark past and allow the Aborigines, who are Natives to the land of America, as well as the descendants of everyone else involved; the healing required to move forward is not only a denial of basic human rights, but a tell-tale sign of the type of current racism, economic neglect and mistreatment that will surely come to light during this generation of life.

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