Aborigines Of America Have Suffered From White Supremacy & Racism More Than Any Other Race In The World

Im Just Here To Make You Think

Racism in the United States has been a major issue since the colonial era and the Indian slave era. Legally sanctioned racism imposed a heavy burden on Aborigines of America, now deemed as African Americans.

European Americans (particularly Anglo Americans) were privileged by law in matters of literacy, immigration, voting rights, citizenship, land acquisition, and criminal procedure over periods of time extending from the 17th century to the 1960s.

Many non-Protestant European immigrant groups, particularly American Jews, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, as well as other immigrants from elsewhere, suffered xenophobic exclusion and other forms of discrimination in American society.

Major racially structured institutions included slavery, Indian Wars, Aborigine Indigenous reservations, segregation, residential schools (for Indigenous Aborigines of America), and internment camps, also known as concentration camps.

Formal racial discrimination was largely banned in the mid-20th century, and came to be perceived as socially unacceptable and/or morally repugnant as well, yet…

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