A Village Owned By Indigenous Aborigines Of America Was Completely Destroyed To Build Central Park

Im Just Here To Make You Think

Attention Black people! The next time you roll through the west side of Central Park, make yourself at home.

Did you have any idea that the plot of land between 7th and 8th Avenues spanning from West 82nd to West 89th Streets was once owned by Black Aborigines of America?

Founded in 1825, the community called Seneca Village lasted just three decades until it was completely razed in 1857 to construct the park.

To really appreciate the significance of the small community established by abolitionists and newly-freed slaves, you must consider the times.

Slavery did not end in New York until July 4, 1827. And in order to gain voting rights, Aborigine men had to own $250 in real estate and prove that they were New York residents for at least three years. As you would expect, most Whites refused to sell to them.

However, real estate prospector John Whitehead…

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